Robbinsdale Hotel

We offer a variety of function rooms that will provide venue for business meetings, seminars, conferences, cocktail receptions and banquets.

Imperial Jade

Big events require big spaces without sacrificing comfort, convenience and style. This is why our 170sqm. Imperial Jade Function Room is the perfect venue for any event with up to 150 pax, leaving more than enough room for any big gathering, whether business or personal.

Diamond Room

Events are never perfect without the right venue for it, and our Diamond Function Room can be just the thing that will make your party one for the books. Comfortably seating up to 120 pax at 160sqm., it has the perfect balance of space and style.

Sapphire Room

From seminars to parties, reunions to get-togethers, the Sapphire Function Room can give you just the right ambience you’re looking for. With its capacity to seat up to 80 people, it gives you the 100sqm. perfect space no matter what kind of event you’re planning for.

Garnet Room

A medium-sized event is not complete without a suitable venue, and for a group of 80 pax, the Garnet Function Room is the perfect choice. It’s the perfect space for meetings, get-togethers, small workshops and seminars with the assurance of comfort and convenience.

Ruby Room

Small gatherings are meant to be intimate, and that’s exactly what our 30sqm. Ruby Function Room is all about. Comfortably seating up to 25 pax, it lets you focus on your business meeting, enjoy a quiet sit down dinner, or have fun and celebrate with friends.